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    Give your party entertainment with depth, with a Body Mind and Soul Tarot reader. A Body mind and...
    Give your party entertainment with depth, with a Body Mind and Soul Tarot reader.
    A Body mind and Soul Tarot reader will offer your guests positive insights, adding enchantment and intrigue to your party. While these readings are entertaining, this is entertainment with depth, giving each of your guests a personal experience they’ll remember—and talk about with pleasure long after the party is over.
    What you need to know:

    Is your party in the Western New York, Buffalo, Lewiston Area?
    We are able to provide this service in person in the Western New York. If you are out of the area, and we provide ZOOM Tarot Parties for you and your guests.

    Is there a minimum time-frame?
    Yes, there is a 2-hour minimum per party.

    How many guests can receive readings in 2 hours?
    Party readings are usually about 20-25 minutes each, so in 2 hours there will be a minimum of 5 readings. If you have between 6 an 10 guests, we suggest booking a minumum of 3 hours.

    What do you need to provide for set-up?
    The reader requires table space and 2 chairs, in as quiet an area as possible. Some of your guests will enjoy having cards read with friends and other guests at their side—some will prefer a more private experience. Your Body, Mind and Soul reader will be happy to work with both requests, however, as noted above, table space will be required and if the guest wants to share the experience, there must be space for more than two chairs.

    Payment in full is due at time of booking. 
    Tipping is appreciated and can be paid directly to your tarot card reader at the end of the tarot party. Tipping is not necessary—though it’s always welcome.

    Cost: $150 an hour, with a two-hour minimum. After two hours, each additional hour is $125

    Reserve Body Mind and Soul Tarot for a party
    To request a reservation or for more information:

    Please fill out the contact form, listing the date and location of your party. If there is a particular theme—birthday, bridal shower, Halloween, etc., please note this as well, along with the expected number of guests and their age range.

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