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ASTROLOGY READING CARDS: Your Personal Guidance From The Stars (36-card deck & book)

by  Chester-Lambert, Alison Crookes, Richard (Illustrator)  Publisher: Findhorn Press Ltd This...
Publisher: Findhorn Press Ltd

This 36 card deck with accompanying guidebook will help you fulfill your desire to truly understand astrology. The cards make learning quick and easy through interaction with Zodiac Signs, House and Planet cards. Now, something that was once complicated will become fun! With the Astrology Reading Cards you'll be able to give readings to others and yourself to unlock such questions as: How will I find my partner? Will I receive money inthe future? What sort of career would suit me? This card deck was designed by an international leading astrologeras a simple, easy-to-use pack that utilizes the archetypal energies of astrology to answer questions about the Present and the Future. Select a card from each of 3 separate sets - the Zodiac Signs, the Planets and the Houses - and then use the guidelines in the book to interpret the answer - just like going to a professional astrologer!

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