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    Twin Flame Awakening

    “He touched my soul long before I knew what his hands felt like.”― Nikki Rowe


    One of the most frustrating things on the Twin Flame Journey is why it takes so long to get to physical union with your Twin Flame.

    One big reason for the delay is that each Twin Flames awakens at different times during the Twin Flame Awakening process.


    ‘Awakened Twin Flame’ and ‘Sleeper Twin Flame’


    You may have heard of the terms, the ‘Awakened Twin Flame’ and the ‘Sleeper Twin Flame’, or the ‘1st Awakened Twin Flame’ and the ‘2nd Awakened Twin Flame’.  These are the terms used to explain the fact that each Twin Flame wakes up at different times, to the awareness and understanding of the divine nature of the Twin Flame Connection that you both share.


    If you are the first person to awaken to the fact that you are in a spiritual, soul connection, known as ‘Twin Flames’, then you are most likely the ‘Awakened Twin Flame’, and your Twin Flame could still be ‘asleep’.


    “How can be that my Twin Flame is not fully awake at the same time as me?”


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    The soul of your Twin Flame knows, of course. But their 3D self might not have a conscious awareness of it, beyond knowing that there is ‘something special‘ about you.


    During your interactions with your Twin Flame, your shared/merged Higher Self will ensure that you always hear what you NEED to hear from your Twin Flame, but it doesn’t mean they are awake and conscious of what they said.


    Have you ever said something unkind or nasty to your Twin, and later wondered what had happened and how those unkind words came out of your mouth, because that truly wasn’t you?  You wouldn’t never say those type of words to your Twin…yet they did come out of your mouth.


    Well, that was your Higher Self, helping your Twin evolve by pushing his/her buttons (otherwise know as Triggering) via your body, even if you at a 3D level you weren’t 100% aware of what was happening.




    Welcome to the Mirror Effect between Twin Flames, and the Roller Coaster known as the Twin Flame Journey.


    The Twin Flame Awakening Process Stages


    During the Twin Flame Awakening Process, both Twins experience the magical, mystical, love stage often described as ‘Bubble Love’.  During this time both you are your Twin are in this Bubble of Love where nothing else, and no-one else really seems to matter.


    When this time period ends and things start to get tense, one of you, usually the ‘Awakened Twin Flame’ finds out that you are Twin Flames (if you didn’t already know).  All the Awakened Twin Flame can usually think about at this stage, is how can they be with their Twin Flame.


    Whilst the 2nd Twin Flame, usually known as the ‘Unawakened Twin Flame’, seems to not have the same awareness of the special nature of your connection, and can often be felt to be emotionally and physically pulling back.


    This panics the first Twin into a state of fear, rejection and abandonment, and the Push & Pull or Runner & Chaser process starts.


    Which Twin Flame Awakens First?


    Often it is the Twin Flame with the Feminine Energy who is more in touch with their intuition and emotions that awakens first, whilst the Masculine Twin Flame awakens later.  But the order really depends upon your own individual Twin Flame Awakening Journey, and what you both agreed to prior to incarnating together.


    The Twin Flame Chaser Awakening


    It is through the ‘Sleeper Twin Flame’ remaining somewhat oblivious to the importance of your ‘relationship/connection’ that the Awakened Twin Flame’ is forced to grow, and find a new strength and identify apart from their twin, and the desired relationship together.



    As the Awakened Twin Flame goes through the painful process of being triggered, shedding old beliefs and discovering who they truly are (as a Soul),  the unawakened, sleeper Twin Flame holds the vibration as high as possible for their Twin. Think this like a boat anchor in rough seas.


    Each Twin Flame takes turns being the anchor in this process.


    When the first Twin Flame reaches a semi-stable place, the 2nd twin starts the movement forward, until they too reach a semi-stable place, and it then becomes time for the other Twin Flame to move forward again.


    The fact that you take turns in stabilizing each others energy is one of the reasons that getting to physical union takes a significant amount of time. But it also plays a very crucial role.  If both of you entered the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ together, feeling each others emotions as you do, it would be very hard to get out of that stage.


    Since twins have strong telepathy and can really feel each others emotions, it is designed this way so you can provide emotional support (via the anchor) for each other, whether your realize what you are doing or not.


    If you ever had weird ‘break-out’ period of suddenly crying on behalf of your twin, or do feel their emotions in a strong way, you will understand how this works.


    Even if you and your Twin Flame are in separation, this ‘anchoring’ process provides also feedback on where your Twin Flame is in their Journey, whilst further assisting the merge and balance of your Masculine and Feminine Energies with each other.


    The Twin Flame Runner Awakening


    The ‘Unawakened Twin Flame’, who is often the Twin Flame Runner, does eventually awaken.


    Please be aware though, that since the unawakened Twin Flame is meant to be sleeping, any small changes in them may not always be visible in 3D life straight away, but trust it is happening.


    You are BOTH doing the work, despite external appearances.


    It always saddens me where I hear people being resentful or nasty to their twin during this stage.  Please DON’T treat your Twin Flame as separate or out to get you.  In actual fact, you are a working in as ‘TAG’ team, like in a relay race, whether you can see it or not.   


    It can be tough on this journey. If you are the 1st awakened Twin Flame you will feel very alone, and completely worried that have gone crazy.  But please, spare a  loving thought for your ‘Sleeper Twin’.


    Your Sleeper Twin Flame LOVES YOU SO MUCH that they agreed to to be the Twin to go through this entire journey on blind faith alone (without the mental awareness that you both are actually Twin Flames and what that entails), so that YOU didn’t have to!


    Just like the Awakened Twin Flame’s journey of understanding the divine nature of the Twin Flame connection, the gradual awaking of the unawakened Twin Flame doesn’t happen instantly overnight, but instead comes in layers.  Don’t be upset or frustrated at this.  All happens as, and when it should.



    The Twin Flame Awakening Process is ongoing…


    The 1st Awakened Twin Flame continues to grow too, and deepen their understanding of Twin Flames and the Spiritual Awakening process. When you look back at your own growth, you were discover you were at a Kindergarten level of knowledge regarding this journey, when you thought you were at a University level, instead.


    As the Twins finish up their work and both raise their vibration, you will start to be magnetized back to each other again, so you can consciously choose to continue this journey together as Twin Flames in harmonious union.


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    Just a couple of final thoughts….


    1. Make sure you always think of your Twin with love, regardless of how tough this journey might be at times.
    2. Shine your love and light in their direction, and light up a path to help them find their way home to you.

    Hang in there! Lynn Marie is here to help!



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