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    Akashic Record Reading

    The Akashic Records are a profound spiritual resource for consciousness development and expanded ...

    The Akashic Records are a profound spiritual resource for consciousness development and expanded spiritual awareness.


    The Akashic Records, also known as The Book of Lifeare a Dimension of Divine Consciousness that contain a vibrational record of each soul and its entire journey since the beginning of time.

    In simplest terms, The Akashic Records are a central storehouse of knowledge wherein all information and collective wisdom pertaining to each soul, ever incarnated on Earth, is encoded and energetically stored. As such, all past lives, as well as the present life, and all future possibilities, are stored in The Akashic Record. 

    The Records are a most sacred space steeped in the Highest Vibrations of Light. As a consequence, simply sharing your story aloud while in The Akashic Records is often enough to begin loosening the grip of even the peskiest of longstanding life issues.  With the offering of fresh perspective, issues and challenges begin to morph into previously unforeseen opportunities and blessings, and life takes on a whole new delicious dimension!

    The wisdom and insight so generously provided in The Records helps us to gracefully move forward in our lives with a deeper sense of Self-Love, Acceptance, Understanding, and Compassion. For when we can safely unravel our life stories with absolute honesty, in an atmosphere of non-judgment, this experience facilitates great healing. 

    There are many methods for reading The Akashic Records. I use The Pathway Prayer Process. I also provide this prayer for those individuals that wish to access the Akashic Records on their own 

    Access is granted by reciting this sacred prayer with Pure Intention and inserting the full legal name of the person who has given express permission for his/her Records to be opened. The Pathway Prayer is akin to a code or a key, which unlocks the door to this Magnificent Dimension of Consciousness.

    When you take action on the steps/suggestions/information given to you in The Records, not only will providence move to support Your Deepest Heart’s Desires, but the guidance will continue to flow freely and abundantly in subsequent sessions. Taking action is saying YES! and opens the floodgates to receive.



    The Akashic Records are a very unique and refreshing modality that recognizes The Perfection of Your Soul and Your Human Path, while providing clear and concise guidance, to assist you in moving forward into your Soul’s Highest Potential. By accessing your Records, I can help you discover why you are here, what you came to learn in this lifetime, and how to move past your fears, worries, & obstacles into a life of Love, Freedom, Fulfillment, and Joy. 

    In order to support a successful reading, you have only one, but very crucial piece:

    You must describe whatever challenge or issue you are currently facing in as much detail, with as much honesty, as possible. When did this issue first begin? How does it continue to show up? How does it make you feel? Who’s involved? This is crucial because the energy of The Akasha moves on the spoken word, and that’s how information is transmitted to me.

     Then, compose a list of questions about this challenge—whatever is weighing heavily on your heart— for which you’d like to gain clarity in your reading. You can ask anything, big or small, that feels important to you.

     Although The Records are a very sacred space, it is also the perfect place to vent and spew and cry and even cuss if you need to! Your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones want to hear you and they want to hear everything. They have only LOVE for you and absolutely NO judgment. Your Masters have known you literally forever and are only present to support your evolution in positive and uplifting ways.

     To prepare for your reading with Lynn Marie, consider the areas of your life that you need or want more information. You can ask about health, creativity, finances, career, relationships and past lives. Where are you stuck in your life? Think about y our life and where you would like to be. The reading is a shared experience between the reader, you and the energy of the Akashic Records.

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