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    Twin Flame Mirror Image


    The Twin Flame Mirror Image (Twin Flame Mirroring) is seeing something in your Twin Flame which is a reflection of yourself. You see your traits, strengths and weaknesses in them but in reality they are mirroring yourself back to you.

    The good you see in them is a reflection of you. The bad you see in them is a reflection of you as well.


    Twin Flames also mirror feelings and emotions constantly between eachother. A Twin Flame mirror image is the idea of seeing yourself in your Twin Flame. This can be great but it can also expose bad traits that we don't want to see in ourselves. however, using the mirror image side of the connection can also help to bring us closer to union.



    The basic idea of the Mirror Exercise is to use this connection between the two of you and use mirroring to bring you both closer to union. In order to reach union you have to accept yourself and your Twin Flame - as a couple and individually. The Mirror Exercise helps you find and deal with the areas you need to focus on to help you and you twin reach union. It can be hard emotionally...but worth it in the end.

    So here we go...

    1. Write down the biggest iss you are facing in your journey. Take your time with this and be as honest as possible with yourself. For example: "My Twin Flame doesn't treat me the way that I expect to be treated."

    2. Now write it down again but this time swap the nouns and direct the message at yourself. For instance: "I don't treat myself the way I want to be treated."

    3. Then, ask yourself if there is any truth to that statement. See the truth and try not to lie to yourself.

    4. When you realize the truth ask yourself what you should do to heal yourself.


    For more information on Twin Flame Mirroring and the Twin Flame journey reach out to Lynn Marie

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