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    The Reiki Touch

    DVDThis one-hour DVD includes the following:  Treating Others: Learn how to correctly give a com...

    This one-hour DVD includes the following: 

    Treating Others: Learn how to correctly give a complete treatment using all the standard hand positions. 

    Self-Treatment: Follow along as I demonstrate the self-treatment — much like an exercise video.

    Byósen Scanning: A Japanese Reiki Technique, Byósen Scanning uses the sensitivity in your hands to discover where the client is most in need of Reiki. 

    Gyoshi ho: Another Japanese Reiki Technique, which involves sending Reiki with the eyes. 

    Seeing Auras and Past Lives: This technique has been highly successful with over 95% of students getting results on the first try! 

    Healing Session: At the end of the DVD, I beam Reiki directly to the viewer using my eyes and hands. By simply sitting in front of the screen you will receive a Reiki treatment.

    Reiki Cards
    A set of 30 uniquely designed cards that demonstrate the Reiki hand positions, symbols (but not the glyphs), and proper Reiki techniques. Each card includes a detailed description. The cards can be used like flash cards to help you learn the various aspects of Reiki. 

    CD 1
    This CD contains three Reiki meditations.
    This CD features background music to be played during Reiki treatments featuring the flute music of Nawang Khechog. 

    A 100-page workbook is included that contains detailed information on every aspect of Reiki from basic instruction to the most advanced techniques. The workbook contains all new material. 

    Attunement Required
    The Reiki Touch Kit is meant as a training aid for Reiki students who have already taken a Reiki class or who have at least received a Reiki attunement given by a Reiki teacher.


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