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    Carved Wooden Reiki Box

    Box with Om Symbol 5" x 8"  Beautifully hand carved wooden reiki box from India.  This is a singl...

    Box with Om Symbol 5" x 8"  Beautifully hand carved wooden reiki box from India. 

    This is a single box

    5" x 8"

    Wondering what is a Reiki box? It is a box or an envelope in which you fill all your intentions and goals by writing them specifically on a paper. You then energize the box with Reiki energy by drawing various Reiki symbols on the papers containing your goals and intentions. This helps to manifest and achieve intentions.

    Reiki box technique works on the premise that healing in Reiki is not limited to giving energy to a person or a body part or a chakra; you can energize a thought and an event (past, present or future,) and relationships.

    What is a Reiki box: Energizing intentions through Reiki 

    Intentions are nothing but your goals and what you are trying to heal and achieve with the help of Reiki and the box. It can be a relationship intention like  'I have a peaceful relationship with my in-laws’ or a work intention like ‘ I have got promoted in my current job’. It can also be a money intention like ‘I have earned $x to pay off my loan’ and so on. No matter what the nature of your intentions, pen them on different papers, and then put them in a Reiki box to give them Reiki energy.

    Reiki Infused with Holy Fire Energy. A New Reiki Energy, Holy Fire® Reiki is a new form of Reiki that was introduced about three years ago by the ICRT. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. Holy Fire® energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness.


    What is a Reiki box? It is a useful and powerful tool to channelize your Reiki healing energy to your intentions, especially when you have various intentions at the same time.


    Uses of Reiki Box

    1. Reiki box can be a medium to heal many more people. The number of people being healed can be increased with the help of this box. Similarly, you can achieve various and many intentions and goals with the help of a Reiki box.
    2. The box can increase the efficiency of healing. A Reiki box accommodates all your intentions and affirmations together in one place and saves time in healing them. The box also helps channelize maximum energy towards your intentions by listing them in one place.
    3. You can also have multiple Reiki Boxes. However, since the purpose of having a box is the optimal use and benefit of Reiki healing and energy, it is helpful to have a separate Reiki box for long-term and challenging goals and intentions. You can energize this box with Reiki energy for more time than another box that you can make for short-term goals and intentions.

    While using a Reiki box, please remember:

    1. Use and write only positive affirmations, words, and statements. Do not use negative words like can't, won't, don’t, no, no, etc. This is because the universe and the universal life force recognizes only the positive words and not these negative words. So instead of putting ‘I don’t want to get fat’, say ‘I want to get fitter’. In fact, be specific as to how much fitter you want to get. The universe picks up only clear, specific, and positive affirmations.
    2. Use one Reiki box instead of various Reiki boxes. By putting all your intentions in a single Reiki money box, you can give energy to all your intentions directly.
    3. What matters more is not really what is a Reiki box but the energy of your thoughts and affirmations. The universe recognizes the frequency and vibration of your thoughts and energy. So, put all your effort into giving your intentions the Reiki energy.
    4. After having used a Reiki box, you could either immerse the Reiki box in flowing water or even bury it. There is no specific rule as to what you must do with the Reiki box after having used it.

    So what is a Reiki box is no mystery. Make the best use of this "magical" box by putting all your intentions into it. Make your dreams come true and create your own destiny with the help of an otherwise simple, but an empowered box.

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