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    About Lynn Marie

    I am a Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Master Psychic, EFT Practitioner, Karma Reiki Practitioner and Akashic Record Consultant. I've been providing spiritual guidance for over 30 years. I specialize in past life readings, connecting you with loved ones that have passed over, finding lost objects, reuniting loved ones, dream interpretations, remote reiki energy healings, angel and akashic record consultations. I set my clients on their spiritual path and I take pride in my ability to transform lives.

    "My biggest joy in life is watching the lives of others transform before my eyes. My clients know that I am dedicated to their personal growth, self-improvement, spiritual development, prosperity, healing, total success, joy and fulfillment in every aspect of their life. I am passionate about helping people to heal and discover their deeper selves, opening to powerful possibilities and celebrating success, freedom and fulfillment.

    My consultations look deeply into your life so you can free yourself to be your truth and live your dreams. I use my psychic gifts to help you reach your fullest potential, growth and success. I want to help you discover the choices, paths and possibilities that will bring you more joy, success, love, freedom, inspiration and healthy living.

    During our session I become a clear focus to bring you the guidance you need to reach your highest potential, growth and success, live the life you dream and achieve personal growth that will ultimately bring you joy. No matter what life brings you, seize the opportunity to grow more positive and gain true depth from the experience. Our session will give you the guidance and tools to create positive personal change in all areas of your life. Choose to fill your life with clarity, joy and depth of purpose. Invest in your brillance! Contact me now and let's make your dreams and goals a reality.

    "The Metaphysical Mall - Your One-Stop Spiritual Shop is one way in which I can bring thoughtful, healthy and transformational products to my clients. We are all on a journey to improve and transform our lives: The Metaphysical Mall, along with the spiritual guidance I provide is my contribution to assisting those who want to learn, to grow and to love."

    You can contact Lynn Marie directly so schedule a consultation at 716-807-2409. 

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